JIM HUFF mesothelioma survival story

Mesothelioma Survival Story | Jim Huff and his Hope With Keytruda

This is the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff.

His story about how he defeated Pleural mesothelioma only with the help of Keytruda medicine and consistent infusion of CBD oil.

This is kind of strange for you to wonder how Jim defeated cancer like Mesothelioma just with the infusion of CBD oil.

But this is the truth, my friend. Anyone can do so. You can also defeat Mesothelioma or any kind of cancer if you are dedicated to your treatment and are consistent.

According to me, it was the consistency which he maintained and regularly took CBD oil infusions that he is with us today and successfully enjoying his life.

If you want to know about the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff, just stick to this article. Trust me you’ll also find this mesothelioma survival story as the best mesothelioma survival story you had ever read.

So without any further talks, let’s get to the actual story. LET’S GO!!

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff…

Jim Huff & KEYTRUDA: The Story Of Hope

Jim Huff was diagnosed with Pleural mesothelioma in 2016. It took 15 months to totally beat cancer. And you’ll be amazed to know the treatment he received.

Trust me it was just the daily dose of CBD oil based on Keytruda twice a day.

Jim says, “When cancer began developing in my body and started spreading to the abdomen, I consulted my physicist. He suggested me a bunch of treatment options like Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy as well as Multi-Modal Therapy. The doctors told me that surgery is the only therapy to save me but I was not too much into Surgery.”

In the event, one of the popular oncologist, Dr. Theirry Jahan later diagnosed Jim. He explored a lot of treatment options and finally ended up with Immunotherapy medicine named KEYTRUDA.

One thing to note here is, Dr. Jahan never enrolled Huff into his clinical trial and just advised him to take the medicine twice daily.

“He was testing various forms of chemotherapy along with Keytruda. He also knew I am not too much into Surgery and yes it was too late to enroll in any surgery program.”, states Jim Huff.

Dr. Jahan only vindicated him to take Keytruda medicine two times a day.

Yes, it was working.

Huff says, “I started Keytruda therapy in the late February and results are skyrocketing. No more tumors grew in these months and the previous ones are decreasing too.”

His treatment included two oils, namely CBD oil and THC oil. He used to take CBD oil in the morning and evening time while the THC oil before going to bed.

The 68-year-old survivor said, “I was just riding this wave as long as I can. Something was working, a combination or whatever”.

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff…

Huff’s Fears With KEYTRUDA Treatment

Jim Huff had to do a lot of hard jobs to get rid of cancer. He has to make a trip of 65 miles to his medical center almost every three weeks or so to get his Keytruda medicine infusion.

One of the major side effects that he received because of the infusion is fatigue which is commonly referred to as “Keytruda Rash” by the specialists and other survivors.

Jim used to be a little tired on the day of the treatment and the next day. “I get a little itchiness from time to time where the rash is, which is mostly on my arms and forehead”, stated Huff.

According to specialists and doctors, Keytruda Rash is a signal which denotes that the medicine is working the best way. Huff was quite happy with the rash and handled it easily with CBD oil.

Huff stated in an interview he has no fears with Keytruda. Dr. Jahan was even happier than him with the success he was entertaining. He used to call him his favorite patient.

When he was diagnosed with Keytruda medicine, Huff’s tumors were not growing but they are not shrinking too.

Huff said, “No change is fine by me. Yeah, I’d love to see them shrink and eventually go away, but if they’re not growing, that’s just about as good for me. It lets me life is what it does. I don’t have to worry about anything. I think I could get another 10 years out of this at least.”

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff…

KEYTRUDA: Still an Effective Treatment Option

In today’s world, Keytruda has a long-term survival rate with some patients. Reports state 20-25% of survival rate for patients with PD-L1 positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Keytruda has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for NSCLC and various cancer types. But not for mesothelioma. Yes, you read it right. Mesothelioma victims generally receive Keytruda as their treatment option through clinical trials.

There is a very small percentage of mesothelioma patients who get Keytruda as their treatment option. Jim Huff was happy with the treatment and felt grateful to be one of them. Being one of the small percentages of mesothelioma patients with Keytruda was kind of adventurous for him.

One of the important fact to note about Keytruda and other similar immunotherapy medicines is their cost. On average, the Keytruda medicine costs around $150,000 a year.

Huff was a bit lucky. His entire treatment was sponsored by private healthcare and Medicare. His private insurance along with medicare association took proper care of Jim’s infusion charges.

Jim Huff says, “It’s a tremendous weight lifted. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that aspect of it. I don’t feel fortunate that I have mesothelioma, but I feel fortunate that I have all my circumstances.”

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff…

Happily Enjoying Life After Diagnosis

Today, in 2019, Huff is living a perfect life and literally enjoying it.

His tumors are totally gone and are not emerging again. No more coughing and breathing problems. He just gets tired a bit faster than a normal healthy person.

He told in a report, he doesn’t know how much energy he has. He is unable to entertain his actual energy and is a bit confused about what to do and what not to. Sometimes, he thinks he has too much energy and can do anything he wants. But sometimes the theme reverses for him. In the midst of any work, he realizes he is doing too much and can’t do anymore.

He is enjoying his guitar lessons which he takes almost every week between doctor appointments. He says, “I am enjoying my new life along with my guitar. But I have to work a lot on my guitar skills. Not a pro now.”

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Mesothelioma Survival Story Jim Huff
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Jim says, “If my parents found out that they were paying for these lessons and I wasn’t practicing enough, they would be very upset. And I don’t want my parents to feel upset because of my guitar lessons.”

Most of the works are now done by his wife who use to take care of all the yard work. Huff helps his wife while cooking and other minor works around their house.

He uses to travel very often nowadays. But all the trips and travels are limited to small and weekend trips only in a car. This is because flights do not allow Huff to carry his CBD oil along with him. Therefore, Jim never travels with an airplane as he can’t leave CBD oil.

His wife’s brother has a trailer which he once used to travel to a few places only for a couple of weeks. He used to fly to his Keytruda appointment on the appointed day, gets the infusions and then flies back to wherever his wife wants.

In this way, he carried his CBD oil along with him wherever he went and didn’t break the consistency. The plane attendant allows him to take the infusions before getting on the plane and after the flight.

All these problems led him to live his life freely without even any side effects or danger of spreading cancer again. All thanks to the regular infusion of Keytruda medicine and CBD oil.

Currently, he is just taking a mixture of two-three oils along with immunotherapy in order to keep his mesothelioma under control.

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Jim Huff…

The Bottom Line

Jim Huff defeated Mesothelioma cancer just with the help of CBD oil and Keytruda medicine. Yes anyone can do so. You can also do the same.
If anyone is consistent with his medicines and decided to defeat Mesothelioma at any cost, he can do it easily. Yes, you can do it too.

The bottom line is Jim Huff did a skyrocketing job and set an example for all the other Pleural Mesothelioma victims. His survival story was great and is really inspiring.

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