Mark Martin Mesothelioma Survival Story

Mesothelioma Survival Story | Mark Martin & His Racing Career

Mesothelioma Survival Story: Mark Martin and his Racing Career

Mesothelioma survivor Mark Martin is a professional motorcycle racer. He was racing for the last 47 years and is not in a mood to stop. Seriously, he has no valid reasons to do so. Why would he stop something which he loves to do?

Mark Martin was diagnosed with Peritoneal Mesothelioma in late 2013. He defeated Peritoneal Mesothelioma in a very fast and effective way. Along with the diagnosis, he got two major cytoreductive abdominal surgeries.

The first surgery was very tough for him. It comprises Chemotherapy, which literally weakened him a lot. The surgery is followed by a new tumor discovered a year later.

The 58-year-old mesothelioma survivor has his last wish to race at Nelson Ledges Road Course in Garrettsville, Ohio. Which he later achieved successfully.

Martin says, “Racing is not something which you can run from. If I will be physically and mentally able to do this, I’ll surely do it again. I am not yet done with racing. I have much more to do.”

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Choosing Herbal Medicine Over Chemotherapy

Mesothelioma Survivor Mark Martin was not too much into chemotherapy and other high-end medical treatments.

By the end of his 2nd surgery in October 2016, Mark Martin declined to go ahead with Chemotherapy.

Now the question arises, How did Mark Martin survive without Chemotherapy? Ain’t it?

Instead of Chemotherapy, Mark went ahead with his own herbal alternative medicine treatment.

Mark said, “I’m like my own doctor now, basically curing myself. I just listen to what my body is telling me.”

Martin used a mixture of Herbal supplement named Hoxsey formula, special Manuka honey from New Zealand and an “8 in one Mushroom Mix”. He employed the mixture every day and the results are just in front of you.

One of the keys for his survival today is his diet. He was very conscious of his diet and only ate organic and healthy food. The food he ate was far more healthy than what we ate normally.

Yes, it was helping Mark.

He said, “My health has improved a lot. I was never a fan of western medicines and their treatment options. Eating healthy and living healthy is the key. Everyone should follow them. I am 100% sure that my diet helped me defeat cancer.”

The same is the case with Riding Bikes. Being physically active and healthy also helped Mark overcome cancer.

He used to ride one of the many motorcycles he has in his garage every day. Besides motorbikes, Mark has street bikes, road racing bike as well as an old dirt bike. He uses to get his hand over them very often.

Martin used to ride one his bikes almost every day along with his wife Cecelia on the back seat. On average, they used to cover around 50-60 miles riding around the country roads.

Martin says, “In my mind, there is no freedom like the freedom I get from riding motorcycles. That’s never changed for me and will never ever change.”

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Mark Martin…

Mesothelioma Survival & Back to Racing Career

Mesothelioma Survival Story - Mark Martin back to Racing CarrerMark Martin had ridden over a hundred bikes in his life. He was in love with bis bikes since he was 11 years old.

Not only Mark, but his two daughters were also obsessed with Biking. Both the daughters used to be a professional bike racer before they made their way into health care.

Mark’s youngest daughter who later became a trauma center nurse started her career as a professional road racer, learning all the tricks from his father. Mark used to take both of his daughters to the racing course and used to teach them tricks and tips about professional racing.

Before Mesothelioma cancer and survival, Mark has only one pain in his life. Which he used to get from what he loves to do. HAHA!

Yes, being a Professional Bike racer in his prime days was difficult for him. Eventually, most of his injuries came only because of racing with street bikes.

In his young days, Mark has broken a leg, his hips, a few ribs as well as an arm. Even today, he walks with a pronounced limp, which reminds him that most of his life risks have come because of his passion and love towards bikes and racing.

Mark said, “I’ve had my ups and downs through the years. I remember telling someone that this mesothelioma was just another bump in the road for me. My road has been filled with potholes, but I’ve been lucky enough to have a good suspension.”

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Cecelia – His New Love And Hope

By the end of 2016, Mark almost gave up. He had lost hopes and had thoughts of Death.

When the Doctors informed him about his last 9 months, he was single. Both the daughters are doing great in their own life.

Thus, Martin decided to bypass his second surgery and buy a bike in order to tour the country on his bike for the last time. By the time, he had started counting his days of life.

By God’s fortune, Martin met Cecelia, the new love of his life.

Cecelia gave him hope as well as a reason to live. Both of them loved each other a lot. In fact, Cecelia did everything she can to save Mark. And the results are in front of us.

She helped Martin continue his herbal, healthy lifestyle which he wanted to continue in order to defeat cancer. She never left Martin alone in the hospital during his Surgery. She even used to sleep on the recliner next to Martin’s bed.

Martin says, “If she hadn’t come into my life I wouldn’t have survived today. Probably I have had gave up without her. It was only because of her that I got desire and a reason to live. Thus, it went through another surgery. She is the best. I love her the most.

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Mark Martin…

Inspirational Mesothelioma Survival Story for all

Mark and Cecelia are living a good life now. They have bought a new house together in Lakefront community. They were truly in need of a new house and they are loving it now.

Both of them are spending whatever they have in the house to make it worth it and to fix and remodel the house.

Mark says, “I tell people if I sat down and made a list of what traits a perfect woman should have, she exceeds them all. She is perfect. I love everything about her. Today, I am living my dream and it’s like a dream come true.”

By the end of this year (2019) he is planning to be back on the tracks. He is planning to join the Nelson Ledges track, where he used to ride earlier. He had raced over 50 times at that track. His daughters learned to race there too.

“I want to show people that you can do whatever you set your mind to doing. I’ve always tried to be an inspiration to others,” he said. “If people see this old, gimpy guy with a limp overcoming what I’ve been through, it might help others get through their problems, too. And I’d like that.”

You are reading the mesothelioma survival story of Mark Martin…

The Bottom Line

Mark Martin defeated Peritoneal mesothelioma without any Western medical treatment. Instead of Chemotherapy, he made use of herbal medicine which he made himself. It was kind of helping yourself for him.

His Wife Cecelia proved as hope and reason to live for him.

This set an example for all the ladies out there that they can be the reason too.

Yes anyone can do so. You can also do the same.
If anyone is consistent with his medicines and decided to defeat Mesothelioma at any cost, he can do it easily. Yes, you can do it too.

The bottom line is Mark Martin along with his wife Cecelia did a skyrocketing job and set an example for all the other Peritoneal Mesothelioma victims. His mesothelioma survival story was great and is really inspiring.

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