Mesothelioma victim's widow won $5 million jury verdict

Mesothelioma Victim’s Wife Received $5.13 Million As Jury Verdict

Mesothelioma victim’s widow won jury verdict worth $5.13 million.

The wife of former pipefitter Thomas Glenn of South Carolina has won a $5.13 million jury verdict. This case is considered as one of the largest and rarest kinds of case in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Thomas Glenn used to work as a pipefitter at five different Duke Energy facilities from the mid-90s till early 2000s.

He used to deal with pumps, gaskets, valves, asbestos, and other tools. 

According to a report, “The gaskets often get stuck to the rims of the equipment and are carried out using a scraper, wire brush or sometimes with a power grinder.” A person who worked with Glenn clarifies that Glenn is very used to this phenomena and often does the job of drilling of this coating.

Thomas Wife told us, “Glenn was diagnosed with mesothelioma by the end of 2014. He was unable to survive and later died two months later in February 2015.

By the time of his death, he was unable to give his deposition.

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Later in July 2015, Glenn’s widow wife filed jury with several co-workers on his side. It was after 5 months after Glenn’s death his co-workers agreed to testify on his side.

By the matter of fact, gaskets are reported to be made up of 85% composition of asbestos. Thus, the attorneys on Glenn’s side argued with the court about the removal of asbestos on the gaskets caused a health hazard to Glenn and later caused his death. They also did it in the favor of Glenn’s co-workers working with him.

This was “known and foreseeable” to valve manufacturers like Fisher and Crosby long before Glenn ever worked with their products.

The defending company Duke Fisher argued that the type of asbestos in their gaskets are basically chrysotile asbestos. According to them, chrysotile asbestos was safe to work with and are not dangerous at all.

While on the other hand, Glenn’ attorneys argued that the company should have informed their employees about the presence of asbestos in their equipment as well as about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

On 24th January 2019, the jury totally disagreed with the defendants and went with Glenn’s wife’s side. This led the jury handling the verdict against the defendant company Fisher Controls International LLC.  

Getting Help With Mesothelioma & Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma victim's widow won $5 million jury verdictIf a person is ever exposed to asbestos, whether direct exposure or secondary exposure, he has a high probability to develop mesothelioma. There is literally too much risk of developing mesothelioma. 

One thing to keep in mind is, “there is no safe level of Mesothelioma cancer”. If you get exposed by asbestos once, you are at risk from the first day. 

What most worse is that it can take up to 40-50 years to develop the actual symptoms and identify your mesothelioma. Thus, it is very important to meet your doctor even if you are confused about asbestos exposure and anything related to it.

Your doctor would easily find if there are any symptoms or indications of mesothelioma in your body or not. If it is so, your doctor will recommend a mesothelioma specialist who will further take proper care of your cancer.

Any specialist will identify your risk, advocate tests and if needed, can set up a monitoring plan in order to detect if you have mesothelioma or not. That too in a comparatively lesser time.

And, yes early detection of mesothelioma can help in proper treatment as well as better outcomes. It can save your life as well. So, make sure to visit your doctor even if you have a little bit of exposure to asbestos or even if you are confused about it.

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